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Conway Stewart MetalWrite RR2 Limited Edition

Conway Stewart MetalWrite RR2 Limited Edition
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Product Details:

Conway Stewart is pleased to continue the working partnership with MetalWrite -- a respected company known world-wide for their custom made pens incorporating the use of hand turned Damascus Steel.

"RR2" is an evolution of its sold-out predecessor RR1, incorporating a new and exclusive hand engraving design on the solid sterling silver cap, barrel and clip in addition to a different finish of custom made Damascus Steel stoppers.

The MetalWrite RR2 Limited Edition is offered as a Fountain Pen and Roller Ball writing mode. Each pen is packaged with both writing mode front sections crafted from solid sterling silver to satisfy the demand for every writing style. The Fountain Pen is mounted with an 18 carat solid gold nib available in eight grades: Extra Fine to Extra Broad, Italic Fine, Italic Medium and Italic Broad.

Plus RR2 comes with a leather traveling case.