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Dunhill-Namiki Motorities


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Product Details:

Dunhill-Namiki Motorities Limited Edition Fountain Pen

The Dunhill-Namiki "Motorities" Fountain Pen celebrates more than seventy years of a truly unique relationship between East and West.

This intricately crafted Emperor size pen takes six months to create and the skill of the superior Maki-e artist, Masato Sato. The ancient art of Maki-e requires extremely thin layers of lacquer to be applied, smoothed and polished, whilst creating the pattern by precisely sprinkling flakes and powders of precious materials, such as gold, silver and mother-of-pearl, onto the wet lacquer before each layer hardens.

Drawing on the brand's rich motoring heritage, Dunhill has created an iconic "wheel" design accompanied by the elements of wind and fire, representing speed and movement.

Highlighting the rarity of such a work of art, this fountain pen is one of only twenty-five pieces. Each writing instrument is signed and numbered by Masato Sato.