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Montblanc Friedrich Schiller Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Product Details:

Montblanc Friedrich Schiller Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Friedrich Schiller dedicated all his literary and dramatic talent to a central theme: freedom. The success of pieces such as "The Robbers", "Mary Stuart", "William Tell" and "Wallenstein" shows how precisely Schiller captured the spirit of a century of revolution and radical change, again and again. His works, at whose center is always a strong call for freedom, and revolt against individual constraints, still inspire people all around the world.

The Writers Edition Schiller is made of material that was a symbol of a changing society, especially in Schiller's time - amber. It is elaborately worked, and this along with the simple elegance of the delicate gold-plated mountings, evokes the style of the heyday of Weimar classicism. Schiller's signature is inscribed on the cap. The finely-engraved 18-carat gold nib is decorated with a small crossbow as a tribute to "William Tell", one of his best-known pieces.

As a timeless figure in the theatre of the Enlightenment, Schiller was not only a master of complex drama but also a prominent supporter of his age's striving for freedom. When Schiller died, his life-long friend Goethe said that half of his own life had died with him.

The Limited Edition features a material which in Schiller's day was seen as a symbol of radical social change - amber. Crafted with superb skill, amber, together with the elegance of the fine gold-plated trim, recalls the golden years of the classical Weimar period.

Only 18,000 creations made for the entire world. 

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