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Parker Duofold "The Maple Tree" Maki-e Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Product Details:

Parker Duofold Maki-e Limited Edition Fountain Pen

The Parker Duofold Makie "The Maple Tree" was released in 2003 in a rare limited edition of 120 creations. The artist's name, as well as each pen's own unique serial number are both marked on each individual pen using the actual "MAKI-E" technique. This truly adds to this special edition's rarity, and makes each piece an ideal collector's item.

Parker Duofold, which has an illustrious history of quality and craftsmanship, meets the traditional Japanese handcraft art of "MAKI-E" in this special limited edition, making this a truly special collaboration.  The cap and rings are finished in gold.  The maple tree, popular in Asian Culture, covers the pen and cap in the Maki-e technique.  This creation features an 18k Gold Nib.    

Only 120 creations made for the entire world. 

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