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Visconti Mazzi 2005 Limited Edition Pen Set

Product Details:

Visconti Mazzi 2005 Limited Edition Pen Set

Claudio Mazzi, master of the airbrush technique, was born in 1965 in Modena where he works and lives.  After Mazzi obtained the title of "master of graphic arts and photography" he became a publicity art designer.  Working with many of these publicity agencies, he began to work with the airbrush, the instrument he is now famous for.

After some years of experience with the airbrush, Mazzi got in touch with automobile motor industry.  He created limited editions and personalized project with some of the most prestigious companies in the world such as, Colnago, Maserati, and Ducati Motors. In fact, Mazzi is an official artist of Ducati Motors doing projects designing t-shirts, helmets, motorbike covers, and watches.

After these gratifying experiences, Mazzi was drawn to another great passion, miniature airbrushing.  He started by doing designs for Zippo Lighters and then moving on to pens, which takes the highest of skill.  He started by designing a Visconti collection of Ducati pens, which led to "The Dragon" a limited edition pen that is now completely sold out.

Visconti is proud to bring to the public the Mazzi Collection which will feature 12 annual themes.  Airbrushed limited editions are highly requested because they ask of true creativity of the artist.  The pens are released in a limited edition of 205 representing the year of this collections release.  Each pen is completely hand airbrushed by Claudio Mazzi and feature an 14k gold nib. All pens use cartridge refill with small piston converter mechanism.

Only 205 creations of each made for the entire world. 

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