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Michael's Fat Boy

In the spirit of all past pen inventors, Michael started designing better gripping pens in the early 1990’s due to the calluses on his fingers. His efforts resulted in two U.S. Patents being granted to him named Ergonomic Writing Instruments 5,228,794 and Ergonomic Instruments 5,332,324. By licensing the invention to a Taiwan importer, Michael was able to successfully market his patented spiral barrel as “The Worm ™ Pen”, to Wal-Mart ® and other mass-market retailers in the U.S.A. International sales were also achieved in Japan, Taiwan and Europe.

The aluminum FAT BOY ™ pen line is Michael’s latest designs incorporating his U.S. Patents and an extra wide barrel for gripping comfort. Each pen is machined in the U.S.A. from aircraft quality billet aluminum bars and assembled using the highest quality retractable mechanisms from Germany & genuine Parker ® Gel refills from the Parker Pen Company.

The exclusive Arcangelo ™ Edition features a patented spiral grip that fits comfortably in your hand by allowing your fingertips to rest upon the grooves and is machined out of solid billet aluminum!

The distinctive styles, shapes and overall appearances of all Michael’s writing instruments and the circumferential inscriptions extending around the end of all Michael’s writing instruments, are trademarks of M. Hochstetler. The circumferential inscription on the end of every writing instrument signifies that it is an original Michael’s writing instrument and part of Michael’s family of writing instruments. Michael’s spiral writing instruments are covered by one or more U.S. Patent Nos. 5,228,794 and 5,332,324. All rights reserved.