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Artus was established in 1993 in the central part of Russia with a focus on making and promoting top quality lacquer art, both modern and vintage, keeping the ancient and complicated techniques and traditions of old Russian icon painting while combining them with Japanese ways of using lacquer and maki-e.

For almost 20 years, Artus has built relationships with the best painters from the Russian schools of Palekh, Fedoskino and Mstera art. All of these artists have their masterpieces in numerous private collections in USA, Great Britain, Singapore, China, Germany, Italy, and in the Russian State Museums: Moscow Decorative and Applied Art Museum, Palekh State Museum of Art, Ivanovo State Museum of Art, Museum of Russian Art, Minneapolis, USA - just to name a few.

Artus has crafted many projects with the Italian pen makers Ancora (nearly all the limited editions), and some with Aurora and Japanese Sailor.

Starting in 2010, Artus decided to make their our own limited edition and one of a kind fountain pens, concentrating on quality of all the materials used, including the best possible nibs, customer care, and ideas of international works of arts being presented on unique writing instruments.