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Chinkin Lacquer Art

Chinkin is a very specialized Japanese Lacquer Art technique that involves carving and engraving decorative designs on a lacquer surface. It is believed that the Chinkin technique of decorating Japanese lacquerware originated in China during the Sung dynasty (960 -1279). It was introduced to Japan during the Muromachi period (1338-1573).

This is a very meticulous technique that involves the use of fine chisels and carving tools that a Master Artist uses to craft the most intricate motifs. Once the design is engraved onto a lacquer surface, it is sprinkled with gold, silver or other precious metal powders. There are less than a handful of Chinkin Artists that continue to produce these rare works of art reflecting all the legendary techniques. It is by no means an easy form of art to learn or execute.

The Chinkin pens offered in this collection are the smaller Writer series pens. The Writer is an exemplary work of art in a smaller sized pen. These pens are equipped with twist converters to fill ink and are easy to travel with and place in a shirt pocket. The pens are painstakingly handcrafted by renowned artists and masters of Chinkin Lacquer Art. The pens are available with 18K Gold nibs of a smaller size in various widths to include Super Extra Fine, Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad.

The Limited Edition sizes are of either 9 pens or 18 pens. Some of our Writers come with clips while others are without clips. We also offer Roller Ball pens in this range. We offer a nib customization service to our collectors.