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For some things in life, ordinary is not enough.

Edelberg is anything but ordinary. With a unique way of looking at things, Edelberg is for those wanting something fresh, something different. For individuals who appreciate design that is unique and who delight in owning beautiful objects that are striking and original.

Edelberg understands the power of individuality and this is reflected in our captivating range of Swiss made high-tech writing instruments and Italian accessories. Combining passion, design and innovation, the pieces are as unique as those who own them.

Design that makes a statement

This powerful combination is thanks to the vision, passion and energy of Edelberg's creator – Carlo E. Naldi. An Italian entrepreneur with a keen eye for design and a lifelong collector and lover of beautiful pens and accessories. That’s why Edelberg creates pieces that de light the senses, stir up exquisite emotions and make a statement to the world. It is this dedication to and appreciation of beauty and fine design that has inspired Edelberg’s original and distinctive style.

Passionate about quality, made with love

Each concept is brought to life by a team of highly creative minds and then lovingly crafted by skilled artisans at our factory in Geneva, Switzerland using the finest and most innovative materials. The name Edelberg is actually formed from two words - Edelweiss and Gutenberg.

Edelweiss, the noble white flower and national symbol of Switzerland and Gutenberg in honor of Johannes Gutenberg, global inventor of the mechanical printing press.