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Formula Racing Pen

FORMULA PEN From Giuliano Mazzuoli’s passion for automobiles and automobile racing comes the FORMULA PEN, whose lines recall the racing cars of the 20th Century. Even the selection of the colors recalls the competitions from the beginning of the 1900s in which a color was assigned to the automobiles from each nation participating in the world competition, “formula gran Prix.” Italy had “Racing Red” (Alfa Romeo, Maserati, and Ferrari). France had blue, the “Blue of France”(Bugatti). Great Britain had green, “British Racing Green” (Jaguar, BRM, and AstonMartin). Germany had white (Mercedes, Auto Union, and BMW) that subsequently trans-formed to silver not for aesthetic reasons, but purely for competitive reasons since without paint the cars were lighter in weight. This is where the name “Silver Arrows” comes from the German automobiles.