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Grayson Tighe

Founded in the year 2000, 18 year-old entrepreneur Grayson Tighe made his mark as the youngest professional pen designer and maker in the world. Under the direct tutelage of his father, renowned knife designer/maker Brian Tighe, designing and creating functional art pieces just seemed to come naturally for Grayson. Today, their timeless design, precision craftsmanship and noble materials identify a Grayson Tighe pen. 

To Grayson, innovation is the key, starting with materials; The use of Pure Titanium is a trademark, in addition the use of: Fossil Ivory, Stainless Steel Damascus, Mokumé-gané, Sterling Silver, Gold, as well as others, contrast to what was the standard of the pen industry. 

"My goal was to produce a timeless product with a marriage of form and function. I continually strive to create the finest hand made, elegant writing instruments for my sophisticated clientele.

Many thanks, Grayson Tighe"