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Italico Collection

Our Italico Collection artistically combines the classic elements of substance and shape. Made from resilient, hand-finished Italian Bull leather. Bull leather withstands the test of time. The purity, and quality of our leathers is attributed to the cold Italian weather, preventing any flee or tick irritation to the animal, there are few to none scratches or bites on the leather hides. We only use full grain leather, offering our consumers the highest quality and durability. The classic designs and finest details reflect the artisan traditions of Tuscany and the cultural richness of Italy’s Arno region. Antique-finish fittings and signature lining adds hints of fashion. Italico products are shaped and formed to masterpieces of sophistication.The Italico Collection can get attention to for its tasteful beauty and prestige. It does not just have a statement of style but of social status as well.The collection is also hand-tanned in vegetable oils and can be recognized be its clean aroma.