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Mosaic™ Handcrafted Artisan Wallets

These one of a kind Artisan Wallets are handcrafted in Colombia, and impressively unique.  Once sold, they are gone forever and we will move on to the next design.  The workmanship is exquisite, and the leathers are beautiful.  The leathers are marbled or slightly glazed to give them added dimension.  The inlays on some styles are contrasting leather colors and twisted leather designs, while some of the styles have a combination of twisted leather designs and Mola inlays. 

Molas are hand made fabric designs which are created by the Cuna tribe (sometimes spelled Kuna) of Panama.  These are frequently used as the front and back panels of blouses or skirts worn by the women.  Today you can find unique one of a kind Molas in gift shops in Colombia and other South American countries.  Many people buy these Molas and have them framed for artwork.