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Nettuno - Trident Collection

When Nettuno was first introduced to the World, in the year 1911, they dedicated the entire brand to the Italian love of the sea. Nettuno has dedicated its latest edition to the requisite instrument of the great sea deity, Neptune. The Trident was sepulcher, weapon and controller of Neptune's domain and all of its creature. Today Nettuno affirms its commitments, to define borders, and to communicate every emotion in the human spectrum.

Nettuno's Trident writing instruments are crafted in hand-formed acrylic resin that captures the color of the deep ocean. The pen caps are magnificently attached to Trident's body by a series of hand-set magnets. This breakthrough new system is extremely time consuming to create, and completely rewarding to use.

Nettuno's Trident are trimmed in Gold, Silver and Platinum. With Trident, Nettuno reaffirms its commitment to provide the finest writing instruments on land, sea or Inkwell.

Clip: Solid Sterling Silver with Rhodium Mask formed in Nettuno's Trademark, Trident design
Nib: 18 kt gold with Rhodium Mask
Cap & Body: Hand formed Acrylic Resin replicating the color nuances of the deep ocean. Corresponding Hand-set individual magnets in cap & body locations hold cap in place.