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Pathfinder Luggage

Pathfinder Luggage was founded in 1995 by a small team of luggage experts with over 50 years of combined luggage experience. The team identified a niche’ in the market for quality product that offered tremendous value as an alternative to the highly promotional luggage offered in the marketplace. The trio made a decision to move forward with products that offered a strong value based on quality and combined their knowledge, experience and visions to direct the future of their brand "Pathfinder" Luggage. Collectively they decided to make product they could all be proud of and build a brand that would have the customers returning to add to their purchase rather than switch to an alternate brand.

Pathfinder luggage developed many unique and innovative construction designs that were used in the development of their entire product line. Today there are over 1 million loyal Pathfinder luggage owners worldwide and the number continues to grow as new products are introduced. Pathfinder has been a leader in many respects in the luggage industry and there are many Pathfinder innovations that are used by many of the top brands in the industry in their products today. The Pathfinder mantra has and always will be "Quality Is Everything".