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ROXY Backpacks

Where did this Roxy phenomenon come from?

It turns out that Roxy was created to appeal to the female surf market, since their parent corporation Quiksilver already dominated the men’s surf world. At Roxy’s inception in 1990, you were clearly hearing about female surfers and their accomplishments. However, it was still considered a very risky marketing move to create product line that was targeted to the female surfer. Sometimes it takes a risky move to tap a new market, and Roxy unquestionably hit a home run! Today we are not talking about the narrowly defined target market of female surfers the product has mass appeal among girls anywhere and anyplace. Roxy has evolved into clothing, travel accessories, sunglasses, backpacks, handbags, jewelry and more.  The well recognized Roxy heart logo was inspired by the Quiksilver surf logo. A variation of the Quiksilver logo, duplicated and facing each other cleverly evolved into the now famous Roxy heart logo. In 1997 they were nominated for the “California Rising Star Award” for design innovation and excellence. Whether you are considering the product for a gift or for yourself, this is a product that you will definitely enjoy!