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Ryan Krusac Studios

From the beginning, Ryan was immersed in art.  Growing up with both parents as teachers, who were active in the arts, Ryan received formal art training from a very young age.  He was taught to "see" as an artist must, and was given the tools necessary to be creative.  He was surrounded by original works by Picasso, Dali, Currier and Ives, as well as literature on all of the masters and modernists. Art was a part of life, and soon became a passion.

Through middle and high school, Ryan would lock himself in his room laboring over his drawing table.  In 1991 he was one of 20 students to be selected from the entire state of Georgia to participate in the Governor's Honors Program, which is an intense immersion course in fine arts and academics.  It was here that Ryan first tasted the thrill of working in the round.  The summer of '91 laid the ground work for his move to the University of Georgia where he studied art, concentrating in bronze casting and ceramics. 

Graduating with a BFA Cum Laud, Ryan became a designer, and eventually director of design, for a major rug manufacturer where he works closely with the trend teams of major retailers advising them on current styling and color.  Many of his original designs can be found in various U.S. retailers.  His career has taken him, to Belgium, Turkey, and Egypt, where he has worked closely with other design teams developing product. 

Despite the rigors of the corporate world, Ryan never lost the need to work in his own studio.  In fact, more than ever, he must create.  His unique sculptural furniture has found its way into a Tampa gallery, and he has acquired patrons in Charleston, South Carolina where his work has been mentioned in South Carolina homes and gardens magazine. 

Currently, Ryan's studio work revolves around making limited edition and one of a kind writing instruments for the serious collector and pen lover.  He feels that all things should have an element of art innate within, and abhors the plainness of the items we use daily. His love for exotic woods and precious metals combined with this fixation on craftsmanship make this a fulfilling medium and art form.