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S.T. Dupont and Philippe Tournaire : Architectural Masterpieces

Ever since it was established, S.T.Dupont has been creating unique products from precious materials. Royalty, statesmen and celebrities have all flocked to S.T.Dupont since 1872 to order customized travel cases or personalized objects.

Today, S.T.Dupont is still adept at transforming even the most challenging ideas and concepts into reality and satisfying the most exacting of demands, by uniting a consummate craftsman’s touch with technology and precious metals.

The jewelery artist Philippe Tournaire has worked for over 40 years with the same rigorous approach. His fascination with the hand-crafted jewelery and ornaments of our earliest ancestors, his open-mindedness and his incessant quest for originality are the qualities that transform each of his creations into masterpieces. Every stone is set to showcase its beauty, each material is sculpted scrupulously, depths and dimensions are explored, and ancestral skills are fused with technology to create exceptional pieces that balance the art of the architecture with that of high jewelery.

Today, these two names have come together to create architectural masterpieces for an exceptional and exclusive series in which S.T. Dupont’s art of writing is reinterpreted by Philippe Tournaire according to a common theme: the world’s greatest monuments.

Transforming the iconic Olympio fountain pen into a historic monument, crafting it like a piece of art to be put on view, looked at and used is a first for S.T.Dupont and offers a new mode of expression to Philippe Tournaire.