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The company's history began 1918 in Pforzheim, the traditional German metropolis of jewellery in the Black Forest, as a production facility for high class push action and twist action pencils, made from gold and silver. Subsequently, Waldmann developed and manufactured fountain pens and ball pens made from metals such as brass, silver or 18 carat gold! Waldmann writing instruments with special twist mechanisms for 2 and 4 colour pen systems achieved worldwide patents. For the first time, this masterstroke was honoured on the occasion of the world exposition in Paris in 1937, namely with a silver medal for a 4 colour twist action pencil. Further patents succeeded, amongst others for the legendary 'Two-in-One' in 1972. This push action ball pen had an ink cartridge incorporated in the barrel, and at the same time, the pen’s other end could be used as a fountain pen.

All writing instruments leaving our local premises, have been manufactured in hard and affectionate handiwork by skilled craftsmen having long-term experience and using traditional techniques of craftsmanship. Thereby, enthusiasm for innovation, modern techniques and extensive metalworking have got a fine and long tradition.

Nowadays, as already in its founding year, Waldmann still manufactures its writing instruments at 100% on its German location. Thus, the products from the Waldmann manufactory rightly bear the designation 'Made in Germany'. Moreover, Waldmann made a name for themselves as a specialist for exceptional surfaces. Thereby, the old craftsmanship of engraving is to be highlighted. Only a few master craftsmen of engraving do still master the 'Vienna pattern', and only Waldmann can provide writing instruments with this unique and elegant engraving – bit by bit one of a kind.