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AP Limited Editions "Liberty Enlightening the World" Fountain Pen

AP Limited Editions "Liberty Enlightening the World" Fountain Pen
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Product Details:

Liberty Enlightening The World

AP Limited Editions presents a fabulous and unique feature that combines Lacquer Art traditions from Japan and Russia.

Meticulously crafted with finely sliced abalone shell pieces (0.8 mm) attached one piece at a time, dotted with 50 shimmering stars, crafted in Platinum powder and white Urushi; this special rendition of the Statue of Liberty features Japanese Lacquer Art techniques of inlay and Maki-e. The historic unveiling of the Liberty Statue in 1886, inspired by Edward Moran’s (1829-1901) artwork, is captured in the reflective hues of the Russian Palekh School of Lacquer Art. 

Liberty Enlightening The World is a reminder to uphold and cherish the value of freedom.