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Colibri Mickey Mouse Fountain Pen

Colibri Mickey Mouse Fountain Pen
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Product Details:

Colibri Mickey Mouse Limited Edition Sterling Silver Fountain Pen

In 1928, Mickey Mouse appeared on the big screen in a film called Steamboat Willie. The first animated movie with synchronized sound. The effect on the audience was stunning, magical. The whole world went crazy over Mickey Mouse - it was a case of love at first sight.

In commemoration of this event, Colibri is proud to present the Mickey Mouse Limited Edition Sterling Silver Fountain Pen. Production will be strictly limited to 1,928 pieces, recalling the year of Mickey's debut.

The detail on this fine writing instrument is exquisite, and features reproductions of Disney animation cells along with an 18k gold nib.

Naturally, each pen is individually numbered and includes a personal certificate of authenticity.  Each pen is presented in this exquisite satin-lined walnut gift box with Mickey's image handsomely embossed on the cover.

A beautiful, full-color 16-page book that chronicles Mickey's career and is full of Disney lore and drawings, is included with every pen.