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Danitrio MIKADO Aoinoue (A Noh play) Maki-e Fountain Pen

Danitrio MIKADO Aoinoue (A Noh play) Maki-e Fountain Pen
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Style #: MK-26

Product Details:

Danitrio MIKADO Aoinoue (A Noh play) Maki-e Fountain Pen

Aoinoue, from "The Tale of Genji" a Hikaru Genji's legal wife was ill in bed, her doctors or monks could not find what was wrong.

A Miko (a maid in the service of a shrine) was consulted and found that was an act by Hikaru Genji's former love Rokujo-no Miyasudokoro as she came with worn vehicle to Aoinoue's bedside and harassed her trying to take her to the other world, but the ghost was finally defeated by an ascetic's prayer.

All the clothing and flame are Taka Maki-e. Design on the section is Hira Maki-e.

This pen's creator is: Mayumi Kumano
Signature: Mayumi

Born in 1965, learnt from her father, master Sadahisa Kumanoin Wajima, and received awards at exhibitions each year since 1995.

"When we only have medium size of pens for Maki-e works, we felt we need bigger pens for better Maki-e works, and we therefore, made Mikado for that purpose in several years ago. This pen uses Eye Dropper system. It is 6 3/8” long when the cap closed and diameter of the barrel is 13/16” heavy. The Maki-e on this pen has been very good because of its big space. The nib is size #8 in 18k gold available with F, M, B and Stub." - Danitrio


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