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Danitrio MIKADO Dochu-sai (Dochu Festival) Maki-e Fountain Pen

Danitrio MIKADO Dochu-sai (Dochu Festival) Maki-e Fountain Pen
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Style #: MK-7

Product Details:

Danitrio MIKADO Dochu-sai (Dochu Festival) Maki-e Fountain Pen

This pen's creator is: Minoru Oohata
Signature: Rakkan
Title: Dento Kogei-shi
Born in 1951, he learnt Maki-e from late Kashigi Hozo, and modern art from Kakinoki Akira, and became Dento Kogei-shi in 1994. He mainly exhibits at Nihon Sogo Bijutsuten. After spending eight years traveling the world to see different types of arts, his enthusiasm for Urushi art was renewed in the end, and he has stayed in Wajima until today.

Fugaku 36 Kei and Tokaido 53 Tsugi

"Fugaku 36 Kei is an artist, Hokusai drew sceneries with Mt. Fuji from 36 different locations, and Tokaido (Tokai Highway) 53 Tsugi is drawing 53 stages between Tokyo and Kyoto by the famous artist Hiroshige and some others. Having believed that Tokaido and Fugaku are two of the best sources of Maki-e designs on pens, I asked Mr. Masanori Omote for the Grand Trio collection and Mr. Minoru Oohata for the Mikado collection. There are seven designs of Tokaido/36Kei series and all use Taka and Togidashi Maki-e techniques with various sizes of gold mixed with silver powders as the main color on them. When we only have medium size of pens for Maki-e works, we felt we need bigger pens for better Maki-e works, and we therefore, made Mikado for that purpose in several years ago.

"This pen uses Eye Dropper system. It is 6 3/8” long when the cap closed and diameter of the barrel is 13/16” heavy. The Maki-e on this pen has been very good because of its big space. The nib is size #8 in 18k gold available with F, M, B and Stub." - Danitrio


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