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Delta Lex Lawyer's Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Delta Lex Lawyer's Limited Edition Fountain Pen
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Style #: DL10001

Product Details:

Delta Lex Lawyer's Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Delta dedicates this special collection to the legal profession and its associates. Translated from Latin, Lex simply means "Law", and it was in ancient Rome that written law was first introduced to the world. Previously, lawas were passed down orally, lending themselves to wide interpretation and inconsistent application by the courts. With the introduction of written law, it helped make them more equal for all and was just one of the many great contributions of Rome to the western world.

The distinctive look of the white limited edition series is achieved through the use of enamel coated Casein. The vertical lines evoke the roman columns often associated with traditional courthouses and offset the hand-turned black rings perfectly. Metal trims are plated with precious rhodium while the scales of justive symbol in black enamel is positioned elegantly on the top of the clip.

  • 18k fusion nib
  • Button filling system for fast, one-handed refilling
  • Each pen is handmade

The collection is limited to 754 pieces of each mode. The number signifies the period when Roman Law was created; that is from 754 BC, the year of the legendary founding of Rome, to the death of Justinian in the 6th century AD.