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Dunhill-Namiki Rakucho & Cherry Blossoms

Dunhill-Namiki Rakucho & Cherry Blossoms
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Product Details:

Dunhill-Namiki Rakucho & Cherry Blossoms Limited Edition Fountain Pen

These pen bear the same design as those of the original 1930’s fountain pens, which were in turn adapted from traditional Japanese designs. The stylized subjects of oriental designs are natural forms, pared down to express their essence or spirit.

There is often a symbolism attached to the subjects which explains the appearance of the same designs again and again in Japanese works of art.

Only 200 individually numbered pens were produced in each design, with the exception of the Rakucho of which only 100 were made.

The Quail is enhanced with a gold breat and intricately speckled feathers. The quail is beautifully balanced by the autumn plants native to Japan.

Only the finest nib could qualify for an Alfred Dunhill Namiki fountain pen. Hand ground in 18ct gold, this nib is zipped in iridium mined from the Northern Japanese island of Hokkaido.

With it’s special hardening and protecting qualities, iridium ensures a nib of exceptional flexibility and durability. This, in conjunction with the most technologically advanced fountain pen mechanism available in the world today, means these pens are characterized by an unparalleled smoothness of writing and ink flow.

Individually the pens are presented in lacquered, ash wood cases with a numbered certificate of authencity signed by Richard Dunhill, together with a crystal inkwell specially commissioned for this collection.