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Grayson Tighe Steel Crystal

Grayson Tighe Steel Crystal
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Product Details:

Grayson Tighe Steel Crystal

Writing System: Fountain Pen Filling is accomplished with a piston converter to draw ink from a bottle or the use of ink cartridges. The Tighe nib is hand made in Germany with 18K yellow Gold. It's engraved with a specially designed Acanthus leaf, tipped with Iridium, and two toned with Rhodium. Nib widths are available in your choice of; Fine, Medium, or Broad. 
-The Rollerball Pen writes effortlessly with an advanced refill that has a 1 Year cap-off time. 
Presentation: The pen is presented in a faux Stingray leather box, hand made in Switzerland, with certificate of Authenticity, and a lifetime warranty. 
Materials: The entire body is made of Stainless Steel. 
Comments: The Stainless Steel is meticulously engine turned (Guilloché engraved) with a Sunburst pattern on the Barrel and Clip, Fluted engraving on the Cap and Blind Cap and Cable wrap engraving on the grip. Each part is individually made, intricately finished by hand and then assembled one-at-a-time all by Grayson Tighe. Each pen is hand engraved with "Tighe" on the cap band and then consecutively numbered on the reverse. 
- This pen was designed not to be posted while writing.