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Jean Pierre Lepine Titanic

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Toll Free: 1-855-565-1818
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Product Details:

Jean Pierre Lepine Titanic

  • The cap is shaped like a vent from the ocean liner. Via the opening in the top covered by sapphire glass, you can see the pink gold nib, engraved with the silhouette of the Titanic.
  • The spring clip is screwed to the back of the cap.
  • The body with several portholes is fitted with a transparent ink fountain in which it possible to see ink and piston. 
  • Lower down, you can see a propeller similar to the Titanic ‘s and underneath the steerage of the ship protected by a sapphire glass cover .
  • On turning the inking-roller, the piston pumps the ink, the propeller turns and needle of steerage starts to move .

It is an extremely complex pen. Between the body and cap, there is the famous rusty ring made out of precious metal that was originally part of the Titanic.
Screws similar to the rivets of the Titanic hold together the different parts.

Different versions, limited to 88 pens per version, will be available and some with solid gold, diamonds and gemstones.

Each part comes complete with the certificate from the shipyard to certify the authenticity of the precious metal.