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Kaweco Anniversary w/ Green Visconti Celluloid 883 Ballpoint & Fountain Pen Set

Kaweco Anniversary w/ Green Visconti Celluloid 883 Ballpoint & Fountain Pen Set
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Product Details:

Kaweco Anniversary w/ Green Visconti Celluloid 883 Ballpoint & Fountain Pen Set

In collaboration with Visconti, Kaweco produced this conventional and rich fine writing instrument from Visconti's famous green celluloid. The very same green celluloid used by Visconti in their Michelangelo edition.

Similar in design to the Kaweco Sport produced in the 1930's, the fountain pen features a round barrel and an eight sided cap, while the ballpoint has an eight sided barrel and a rounded push-button. Both writing instruments have gold-plated trimmings and the Kaweco logo engraved on a coin atop the cap and push button.

The ballpoint and fountain pen set comes with a matching leather pouch that measures 4 1/2" inches by 1 3/4" inches, an ideal traveling companion that fits in any sized pocket. The pouch opens by squeezing the top of the case to access the pens and is attached with a matching gold Kaweco coin. The fountain pen features a 14k gold nib, Broad in size, with a twist action piston filler and
has a smokey green transparent window to determine the ink level.


Fountain Pen closed - 4 1/8" inches, 10.48 cm.

Fountain Pen posted - 5 1/2" inches, 13.97 cm.

Fountain Pen Nib - 3/4" inches, 1.9 cm.

Kaweco Sport History:

The first known Kaweco Sport was a safety filler with a round barrel and an eight sided cap. The safety pen's shape was kept in the thirties, but soon the Kaweco Sport became a piston filler. In addition, pencils, either twist action or push knobs were offered. The single pen or the couple was offered with a small leather pouch and could be carried simply in the pocket. It was the ideal pen for travelling, for being outside and this way, the Kaweco Sport, perfectly reflected the pens nature. The small coin, attached by a chain to the leather pouch was a nice gadget and a perfect space to place ads as well. It very often carried the logo of the company presenting the Kaweco Sport as promotional gift. During the 30's, there were only black pens, only one version was offered. The Kaweco Sport was made of black hard rubber or either of black celluloid, mostly decorated with a complicated guilloche. During the 50's the Kaweco Sport was transformed. The surface became faceted and a second, even smaller lady-size was introduced. The first pens still have caps made of hard rubber and the barrel of all pens were made of injection molded plastics. Kaweco was one of the first to successfully use this technique. During the 60's, the models were made with the hooded nib following the fashion of this time. The pens of this time were also made colored, brown, red, and green sets with the matching leather pouch can be found today. Although ever since the Kaweco Sport was launched, it was an important part of the range, it now became the only pen to be sold. At the end, it seems, that there were only Kaweco Sport Pens produced. In 1972 Kaweco offered the Kaweco Sport as an Olympic Pen, equipped with a special coin showing the Logo of the Olympiad. One of the last modifications was the development of the cartridge filler. It never really made its way to the market.


Kaweco Today:

It took more than twenty years to revive the brand Kaweco. In 1994, the brand rights became available, and immediately, Mike Gutberlet of Nuremberg took over the brand and started the preparation of the re-launch. The first series of pens was launched in 1995 and naturally had to be a Kaweco Sport, as it is the pen, perfectly symbolizing the brands identity not only to the collector, but also to all the people, who got to know Kaweco from the 30's up to the 70's. These Kaweco Sport Pens reflect the shape of the 30's with the eight sided cap and the round barrel, but inside, there is a cartridge filler to adapt the pen to the modern market of today. And now, four more years ahead, there will be a second important launch. Again it has become a Kaweco Sport, but now Kaweco presents the classic piston filler pen and for the first time in history a Kaweco Sport will be made from colored celluloid. True Pen Aficionados will immediately recognize the pen from its green bronze color and the perfect work. There will be a limited edition of 883 piston filler pens, coming with the leather pouch. The fountain pen with 14kt gold nib will be accompanied by ballpoint pen, as well made from the famous green bronze celluloid.

Only 883 creations made for the entire world. 

Toll Free: 1-855-565-1818