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M&M's Chamois Computer Screen Cleaner

M&M's Chamois Computer Screen Cleaner
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Style #: MM4116


Product Details:

M&M's Chamois Computer Screen Cleaner

Practical but playful, the M&MS® Chamois Computer Screen Cleaner brings color, warmth and a note of personal expression to the TLC to one of your most important office tools. Their blended polyfiber/beanbag filling lets them pose atop your monitor or CPU, or sit comfortably on your desk. And their ultra-soft chamois-cloth back panels gently lift dirt and smudges from your computer screen--without the need for caustic sprays and without scratching! Find this neat gift item and many more clever ideas at The chamois even has a light static pull that actually attracts dust and other minute particles. Easy to maneuver, and usable again and again, just a quick wipe improves your view (Screen cleaners sold individually by color).


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