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Montblanc America's Signatures for Freedom

Montblanc America's Signatures for Freedom
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Product Details:

Montblanc's America’s Signatures for Freedom Collection is dedicated to the Founding Fathers of the United States of America

In 2007 Montblanc launched its America's Signatures for Freedom limited edition fountain pen series that are inspired by the lives and visions of previous commanders in chief whose services laid the groundwork for our nation's freedom, independence, and values. Limited to 50 pieces symbolizing the number of states in the union the collection includes tributes to George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson.

The matching number three piece collection is exclusive to Airline International.

"America's Signatures for Freedom" is engraved on each handcrafted 18 karat gold nib and complemented with 13 stars to commemorate the States that adopted the Declaration of Independence. Each sealed pen comes in large glass presentation box with bound volume and all original packaging and papers.

The Montblanc George Washington Limited Edition is the first in the collection. Precious black lacquer embodies the supreme power of the Presidential Office and emphasizes the delicate character of the 750 solid white gold inlays. The pen is adorned with 38 precious diamonds. The clip is engraved with George Washington's portrait, and has a faceted sapphire in vivid blue to honor his role in shaping the American Constitution. The limited edition, crowned by the Montblanc star in mother-of-pearl, is embellished with George Washington's signature and with his dates in office.

The Montblanc John Adams Limited Edition is an octagonal pen formed with hematite panels and solid white gold trim. The cap top boasts 28 brilliant cut diamonds. The pen is finished with a cap ring etched with olive leaves from the dollar bill and is engraved with a portrait of Adams. The set includes a leather-bound volume: The Legacy of John Adams.

The Montblanc Thomas Jefferson Limited Edition is an octagonal pen that is decorated with solid gold rings bearing engravings from Monticello as well as petrified wood inlays representing Jefferson's commitment to nature and his home. The clip bears a mandarin garnet and is engraved with a portrait of Jefferson. The set includes a leather-bound volume: Thomas Jefferson Illuminated.The medium 18 K rhodium plated gold nib has the words "America's Signatures for Freedom" engraved.