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Montblanc Marcel Proust Collection

Montblanc Marcel Proust Collection
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Product Details:

Marcel Proust, one of the most popular French authors and philosophers of his time, fascinated readers with his books and their brilliantly observed descriptions of people and nature, and, as a charismatic figure of the people fine Paris salons, he also delighted people with his rhetoric and wit. In what is probably his most important work - "Remembrance of Things Past" - Proust's new literary stylistic device, the inner monologue, was combined masterfully with his analytical descriptions, which in their candour, often allow readers to see themselves in them.

As a great writer and thinker, Marcel Proust always strove for the maximum depth of detail and precision - an aspiration shared by the Writers Edition Marcel Proust. The eight-sided barrel, with it's delicate engravings, recalls the style prevailling in Proust's most creative period and, like the mountings, consists of 925 sterling silver. The barrel is also decorated by the engraved signature of the writer. As a tribute to Marcel Proust's most popular work, the rhodium-plated 18-carat gold nib bears a delicate engraving of an hourglass.

With his keen eye for the dark sides of human characters and his detailed descriptions of their behaviour, Marcel Proust presented his readers with a mirror to observe their own soul. He became the most popular French author at the beginning of the 20th century.

Delicate engraving in the style of his time graces the hexagonal body of the Montblanc Limited Edition Marcel Proust. The gold nib features the engraving of a tiny hourglass - a subtle reference to his most popular work, "À la recherche du temps perdu".

Launch: 1999
17.000 Fountain Pens
16.000 Ballpoint Pens
4.000 Sets, including a fountain pen, ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil

Delicately engraved, eight-sided barrel
925 sterling silver
Rhodium-plated 18-karat gold nib