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Montblanc Voltaire Collection

Montblanc Voltaire Collection
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Voltaire and his immense body of work, including comedies, philosophical discourses and letters, are unparalleled in modern times. Although even in his early years he came into conflict with the authorities because of the bellligerency of his writings, his dramatic talent - which he used to create works such as "Candide" - made him one of the most acclaimed literary figures of his time. In his older years, Voltaire dedicated himself increasingly to philosophy. Writings such as the "Philosophical Dictionary" continue to provoke the deepest discussions, and keep alive Voltaire's memory as the spiritual father of the Enlightenment.

The Writers Edition Voltaire seems to reflect the fascinating personality of Voltaire in every detail. The surface of black precious resin appears just as unfathomable as his thoughts. The engraved mountings and the cap top vermeil - gold-plated 925 sterling silver - are as rich as the possessions of Voltaire, whose gold-colored signature decorates the cap of the pen. The 18-carat gold nib, made by a master craftsman, is finished off by delicate engravings reminiscent of teh age of Voltaire.

He was an agitator, a letter-writer and a poet. He was adept at exposing the injustices of his time in an equally ironic and amusing way in his works. There are many who feel that Voltaire revolutionised the way people thought in his century.

The showily engraved top of the Montblanc Meisterstück Voltaire symbolises the strength of his convictions, while the sweeping clip stands for his style and expressive powers. The lustrous black resin finish is as deep as the great poet's thoughts.

Launch: 1995
15.000 Fountain Pens
8.000 Ballpoint Pens
7.000 Mechanical Pencils
5.000 Sets, including a fountain pen, ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil
Black precious resin
Gold-plated 925 sterling silver mountings
18-karat gold nib