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Montegrappa Limited Edition Revolver Fountain Pen

Montegrappa Limited Edition Revolver Fountain Pen
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Product Details:

Montegrappa Limited Edition Revolver Fountain Pen 

It is a pen with extraordinary dimensions, especially for the circumference. Its voluminous body is made of burnished steel that recalls 
the characteristic finish of firearms. The handle of the stem is made of about 4200 years of oak wood, which perfectly matches the dark and earthy color of the pen-gun. 
The body of the pen is characterized by delicious golden accents.
The most amazing element of this incredible pen is the "drum" that rotates around the loading system and that can hold 10 bullets numbered from 0 to 9, perfect replica of the original ones, even if absolutely harmless. A small "trigger" acts as a brake to slow down the drum rotation. The extraction and insertion of the projectiles is facilitated by the use of a magnetic tool supplied in the luxurious box that holds the pen. Another exceptional novelty of this Limited Edition is the "Power Push" loading system, the object of an international patent, which allows the filling of the internal tank by simply pressing the automatic button placed at its end.

Revolver comes with two ink bottles in black and red. Let's play with guns! 
Giuseppe Aquila, CEO of the company, wants to clarify that Montegrappa is not in favor of arms. Revolver is nothing but an ironic toy for the child who is still in us. For those who in his childhood played with toy guns, just turn the drum a nostalgic and anti-stress gesture. Moreover, from an intellectual point of view, this pen gives satisfaction because it is a triumph of engineering technique and of fun "functionality".

When it is not time to write, the Revolver drum can be loaded with projectiles thanks to the special tool and then rotated until it stops. At this point, by extracting the projectiles and taking note of the numbers engraved on them, you can create different combinations to play at the roulette table, the lottery and other games of chance. Or you can delight with an innocuous Russian Roulette with one or more bullets. The ways in which you use Revolver are endless: the only constraint is your imagination.
Revolver is produced in a limited edition of only 300 copies. The nib is in 18k gold with an ebonite feeder and is available in Fina, Media and Larga writing gradations. Ideal for collectors of weapons, for fans of pens or simply for lovers of cutting-edge technical solutions, Revolver will certainly offer ideas for interesting conversations and some controversy.