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Montegrappa Samurai Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Montegrappa Samurai Limited Edition Fountain Pen
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Montegrappa Samurai Limited Edition Fountain Pen

A milestone in pen manufacturing, Montegrappa’s Samurai presents a design challenge like none seen before. Limited to only 177 pens in sterling silver, each one unique, and a further seven in solid gold, the Samurai exists only as a push-system, piston-filled fountain pen, fitted with an 18k gold nib. It resides in a luxurious black lacquered box, with the ancient, original Chinese character for “Samurai” printed on top. 
Inside one will find the Samurai “doll” pen, accompanied by a bottle of ink and a Katana-sword accessory that acts as a fully-functional paper-cutting knife. The pen itself is a masterpiece of burnished sterling silver, a “truthful” model of an ancient samurai suit of armour made by cutting-edge developments of the ancient lost-wax technique, with certain design elements further embellished with rose gold-plated details.

Continued examination of this work of art will reward the observer with a plethora of minuscule delights. Montegrappa’s artisans have reproduced the traditional “kuwagata” helmet, the “sode” shoulder and “kote” sleeve armour and the “tekko” arm and “suneate” thigh guards with the utmost accuracy and precision. The warrior’s “kusazuri” skirt is reproduced in multi-layered, embroidered fabric.

A rare combination of writing instrument and decorative figurine, the Samurai’s cap forms the head, breast and arms of the soldier. The pen barrel comprises the figure’s lower limbs and the writing component’s juncture. Adding to the unparalleled intricacy, the hands and waist armour are hinged, so they are detachable, as are the limbs, for moving respectively.

Both a thing of beauty and a functional object with the sophisticated appeal of a working miniature, the Samurai pen will prove as captivating as the noble warrior that inspired it.