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Namiki Emperor Owl Fountain Pen

Namiki Emperor Owl Fountain Pen
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Namiki Emperor Owl Fountain Pen

In the Japanese culture the Owl is known as a symbol of wisdom, luck, blessings, and success. This is the latest edition to the Emperor series and portrays the magnificent owl in breathtaking splendor.

This intricately crafted Emperor size pen takes six months to create and the skill of the Maki-e artist, Yutaka Sato. The ancient art of Maki-e requires extremely thin layers of lacquer to be applied, smoothed and polished, whilst creating the pattern by precisely sprinkling flakes and powders of precious materials, such as gold, silver and mother-of-pearl, onto the wet lacquer before each layer hardens.

Masterfully handcrafted using the Rankaku Maki-e technique, the two owls are skillfully created from pieces of quail egg. The prominent eyes of the owls are ornamented using the Raden (mother of pearl) technique, displaying layers of nacreous shells like pearl oyster and abalone, giving the eyes a brilliant glimmer.

This intricate writing instrument features a precision 18-karat gold nib, Medium in size, with rhodium accents and an eyedropper filling system. It weighs 46.3 grams and is a total length of 17.27cm.