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Omas Emilio Pucci

Omas Emilio Pucci
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Toll Free: 1-855-565-1818
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Product Details:

The Colors of Pucci Dress Omas

Emilio Pucci and Italian pen maker Omas have joined forces creating a special new writing pen, Charming and unexpected, this ball point pen is designed with creativity and fantasy in mind. It's easy flow of blue or black ink, and functional handling make it the perfect instrument for writing. The fashionable design and style inherent to Emilio Pucci is blended with the quality craftsmanship and production of Omas, allowing for an effortless co-branding endeavor.


With this in mind, the pen's symmectrical cylindrical tube form is wrapped brilliantly in Pucci's signature style. Three versions are available, each using a base of black and white, and Constructed of airbrushed, thermoplastic resin, the pen features a clean steel base that has been engraved with a simple "O" signifying Omas.

This first product is being released in a limited edition series of 3,872 single certified pieces. Though a seemingly unusual number, this figure is actually significant. It represents the total sum of both houses founding dates: Emilo Pucci in 1947 and Omas in 1925

Historic contemporaries, both companies have always aimed for style, tradition and innovation. In this particular endeavor, Pucci offers the glamour and Omas the experience. This writing jewel is as appropriate for formal letters and poetry as it is for notes and daily lists. It is truly a unique and precious accessory.


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