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Phoenix Lacquer Art - Sadko

Phoenix Lacquer Art - Sadko
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Phoenix Lacquer Art - Russian Myths and Folktales - Sadko Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Sadko - A Russian Medieval Epic

Sadko was an adventurer and Gusli (Russian Folk instrument) musician of Novgorod.  Sadko would play his Gusli on the shores of a lake. The Sea Tsar (equivalent to king) enjoyed Sadko's playing and one day offered to help him.  He was asked to go to the local merchants and bet three of them that he could catch the "Wonder Golden Fish".

After catching the fish (which was provided by the Sea Tsar), the merchants had to pay the wager making Sadko a rich merchant.  Sadko along with his shipmates traded in the seas with his new wealth.  However, Sadko never paid the appropriate respect to the Sea Tsar.

One day the Sea Tsar stopped Sadko's ship in the ocean making it impossible to trade.  Sadko and his sailors begged the Sea Tsar with gold however their efforts were to no avail. The Tsar wanted Sadko to play his gusli for him. Sadko was forced to jump in the sea and found himself in the Sea Tsar's kingdom at the bottom of the ocean. 

Sadko played for the Sea Tsar to please his wishes.  The Tsar then offered a bride to Sadko.  Listening to the advice of the saint Mikola Mozhaisky, he chose the last maiden in a line of 900 women.  Sadko fell asleep next to new bride side by side without touching.  When he awoke he was on land again and rejoined with his new wife.  He saw his ships moving again and became very happy.  He never went back to the sea after that day.

Phoenix Lacquer Art pays tribute to this Russian tale with a limited edition of only seven creations for the entire world.  Painted by the school of Palekh, this pen features tempera, gold, and lacquer on a Visconti body.  The Sadko features a 18k gold nib.

Only 7 creations made for the entire world. 

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