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Tibaldi Constantinian

Tibaldi Constantinian
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Product Details:

The Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George
With its limited edition of writing instruments dedicated to the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George, Tibaldi inaugurates the trilogy celebrating the chivalry world.
The Order of Saint George was founded in 1190, with the objective of promoting the profession of faith, the defense of Roman Church, and the intensive activity of welfare and humanitarian support.
The Knights of the Order swore to live in faith and charity: the two original virtues.

Objets d'art and patented masterpieces of precision
On 20th October, 1916, “the first and most important Italian manufacturer of fountain pens” (as recorded on the certificate of registration at the bureau of commerce in Florence) was established as TIBALDI & Co.
Since that time and throughout the twentieth century, people from all walks of life, be they great writers or everyday folks wishing to write down their thoughts, have savoured TIBALDI’s elegant, reliable pens.

Divine Proportion
Phi, the concept known as the Divine Proportion, has been invoked in every aspect of the design and development of Sacer Militaris Ordo Constantiniani Sancti Georgii pen’s components.
The golden number (1.618) is present in each and every part of its awesome structure. For example, the proportion between the pen’s cap and the visible portion of the barrel when the pen is closed is 1.618. Phi has been used in art, architecture and music for centuries, often unintentionally. It also occurs constantly in nature.
It was first recognized when the 13th century mathematician Fibonacci discovered an extraordinary mathematical sequence, where each number equals the sum of the two previous numbers.
This became known as the Fibonacci numbers and in the 18th century, a further mathematical relationship between the numbers was discovered. Every number is approximately 1.618 times larger than the number that precedes it.

The Pen
The Sacer Militaris Ordo Constantiniani Sancti Georgii pen by TIBALDI is a precious work of art, born from an idea of designer, Maurizio Cavazzuti.
Finely etched by hand with the symbols associated to the Order: the Constantinian cross and the coat-of-arms of the Royal House of Bourbons and the Kingdom of the two Sicilies.
The burgundy resin trims, evoking the heraldic colours of the Order, blend with precious metals like gold and silver and contrast nicely with the light blue amazonite stone adorning the cap’s ornament.


Tibaldi’s Sacer Militaris Ordo Constantiniani Sancti Georgii writing instruments are produced as a numbered limited edition.
230 fountain pens and 230 roller balls in sterling silver with gold accents, a symbolic number chosen to celebrate not only the day of foundation of the Order, i.e. April 23rd, but also because on this day the memory of Saint Gorge is celebrated.
And to commemorate the 20th Centenary from the foundation of the order, recurring in 2007, Tibaldi offers a solid gold version of only 20 fountain pens and 20 roller balls.