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Tibaldi Independence of Mexico Bicentennial Commemorative Collection

Tibaldi Independence of Mexico Bicentennial Commemorative Collection
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Product Details:

Tibaldi Independence of Mexico Bicentennial Commemorative Collection -

Fountain Pen and Rollerball Set

A tribute to the inexhaustible cultural and historical richness of a great nation, Mexico.

This collection marks the "Grito de Dolores" - honoring Father Miguel Hidalgo, whose character and courage infused the soul of the nation, and the Angel of Independence, the iconic monument that became one of the most recognizable architectural landmarks of Mexico City.

"Grito de Dolores" refers to the name of the town and church where Father Hidalgo delivered his famous sermon - Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato, Mexico.

The stories of the time describe the steely tenacity of Father Hidalgo - a clergyman, military man, and a teacher of philosophy and theology - who in the early nineteenth century began the first uprising for Mexican independence, beginning a historic rebellion that, 11 years later, ended with the Declaration of Independence.

The limited edition Independence of Mexico Bicentennial Commemorative Collection consists of 400 sets of fountain pen and roller ball numbered and individually certified by TIBALDI and personalized upon request.

Each set comes in a beautiful wooden presentation box topped with a plaque engraved with the figure of the Angel of Independence.

Each piece is unique as it is painted and decorated by the skilled hand of artist Lorena Straffi, Master of the airbrush painting technique.  Straffi has been chosen for over fifteen years as the world’s Grand Master of miniature painting.

In designing this very special edition of writing instruments Tibaldi’s Italian artisans created a fusiform body of black resin - characteristic of Tibaldi writing instruments – featuring the contemplative figure of Father Hidalgo sitting at his desk.  As property of the Mexican Nation, this image is reproduced with permission and certification of accuracy from the National Institute of Anthropology and History.

A rich ocher palette adds solemn sophistication to the iconic scene.  Featuring delicate silver vermeil, the clip and rings are finely carved with architectural details of the column that rises to the Angel of Independence, painted brilliantly by the artist with the approval and certification of accuracy of the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature.

The fountain pen features an 18k two-tone gold nib.

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