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Visconti Opera Crystal Demonstrator Fountain

Visconti Opera Crystal Demonstrator Fountain
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Product Details:

Visconti Opera Crystal Demonstrator Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Visconti creates the new Opera Crystal Demonstrator Limited Edition Fountain Pen which is at the fore front of technology in writing instruments.  This beautiful creation features its wealth in innovation and creativity with the new Visconti Smartouch tubular nib, new Visconti "mosquito" ink adapter, Visconti double reservoir power filler, and Visconti "hook safe lock" system.

The Visconti Opera Crystal Demo is part of the "squaring the circle" collection.  The Opera Crystal Demo is the first pure clear demonstrator Visconti has ever done.  This magnificent creation also features the double reservoir power filler, which prevents the ink from spilling out during air travel. 

Visconti also introduces their new Smartouch Tubular nib with this Opera Crystal Demonstrator Fountain Pen.  The tube wraps perfectly around the feed of the nib which gives it a unique shape and prevents the entire grip and nib from having to be put in ink.  The unique design of the nib allows for the nib to stay wet longer before drying out.  The hook safe system prevents the cap from becoming undone in a pocket or bag.

The new and innovative "mosquito" adapter attaches to the end of the pen and allows ink to fill the pen.  This device prevents ink from ever touching the smartouch nib and at the same time ensures that every drop of ink from the bottle will be used. 

This extraordinary writing instrument features crystal clear resin and a chromium 18 smartouch tubular nib. 

Only 1000 creations made for the entire world.